Visualizing the University of Applied Sciences buildings (in and out) and the surrounding area. The scene was designed for an interactive mapping and information system based on VRML.


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Version History

ver.     description

0.1.0      initial release, finished ground floor

0.2.0      finished the whole building and outdoor scenes, enhanced with furniture, known errors/bottlenecks: bad (not optimized) geometry, texture errors


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- Scene: (White)Dune VRML editor

- Geometry: Basic VRML Nodes

- Textures: Casio QV8000sx

- Measurement: Taken from the official Emergency Rescue Card and manual measurement

- Updates: Surrounding (Air) area photos, videos: RC modell plane with an onboard wireless 2.4ghz camera and a video receiver / notebook


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The original...

The virtual world, including interior and exterior...


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Not available at the moment. A fast 3D system is recommended. For Visualization a VRML Browser is needed (e.g. Cortona (win,win-mobile), BS-Contact(win), FreeWrl(linux,mac osx),flux(win),octaga(win)). It is 5MB of geometry data without LOD-optimization, with big textures.

License: Only for private evaluation and education. Without any warranty.

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